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QBS has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing furniture for digital training for more than 20 years.
Inventor of the IT furniture market in 1995, with its first FORMAT table, QBS has developed over the years to become the French leader in computer furniture with more than 250,000 installed workstations.

We are proud to participate in democratization of numerical in education by securing and making accessible the integration of computer equipment in training rooms.

Continuous improvement of our products, based on eco-friendly, responsible and sustainable logic, while respecting legal and regulatory requirements, is one of our main concerns.



Salle informatique

QBS, the creator of the computer furniture market, still remains a leader with more than 250 000 installed tables.

With the help of public institutions such as ANRT and the university of Jean Moulin Lyon 3, QBS works on its organizational development and its strategy in the conquest of new national and international markets.


From this perspective, QBS has developed its brand and launched a brand new modern web site.


Three major innovations

Mobilier informatique Switch up

Among the 4 European patent submissions, the year 2016 saw the launch of 3 major innovations:


Two new certifications

Nouvel ERP

Fruits of efforts hired the previous year and of a will to give a blameless quality, Quetzal Burosystem received two certifications which certify its commitments in a logic of uninterrupted improvement (ISO9001v2008) and respect for the environment (FSC®).


Certification ISO 9001

Quetzal starts the certification quality ISO9001v2008, to guarantee to all its customers a standard of service acknowledged at international level.

The birth of F+NG (new generation) enables to adapt bigger screens measuring up to 24 inches in rather limited areas.


New ERP Software

Nouvel ERP

Quetzal invests in a new ERP to regroup all vital functions in the service of the customers.


New Head Office

Siège social QBS

Quetzal installs its head office in Loyettes in Ain, with a reserve of 1 000 positions to satisfy our customers as soon as possible.


Ergo 609

Poste informatique ERGO 609

The ERGO 609 range came and complemented our supply, the same foot can be installed to the right, to the left or in a intermediate position, a first in the desk world, a patent is registered.


Flat screen

Table informatique escamotable 100x80

The flat screen has arrived, giving birth to the F+ foldaway position, another first in the desk world.


Format plus

We conceived Format’plus, born out of the request of security and transport of electrical networks. Format’plus integrates electrical gutters in the tables structure, a first in the desk world. This therefore enables to move tables from the walls and enables the fitting out of rooms in traditional rows, facing the board, in U or daisy shaped groups.


First desk

Premier poste informatique

The first multipurpose desk was born: "Format", root of computer science and training in French. Ever since, the firm hasn’t stopped solving customer demands or responding to IT evolutions.

Computers arrived massively in education. It was necessary to find an answer and to stop putting pupils facing a wall, or with their back to the board or teacher because of the electrical sockets located in the walls. It was also important to hide all visible cables and sockets which raised hygiene and security problems.

Our contact details

Quetzal Burosystem

25 rue de l'industrie, ZI de la Croze
01360 Loyettes

Tel. +33 (0) 47 20 20 800
Fax. +33 (0) 47 83 10 535


QUETZAL BUROSYSTEM “Our environmentally friendly approach is at the heart of our projects since the very beginning, simply because our growth has to make sense.”
The quetzal, the company logo, is a mythical central American bird, known for its green feathers, perfectly personifies the spirit of our environmentally friendly approach in our commitment to the protection of forests.