Computer room furniture

Are you looking for ergonomic school furniture for your school, college, high school or university? Are you looking for furniture for training centers?

You certainly have spatial restrictions such as technical requirements compared to your current electrical installation and of course restrictions in connection with the current regulations.



QBS has been offering ergonomic furniture to schools and training centers for more than 20 years.

Our added value lies in the possibility of offering you modular furniture, which can serve both as computer desk and as conventional desk, depending on the occasion.

Our ergonomic school furniture can be used to equip multimedia rooms, computer rooms, language laboratories, but also meeting and training rooms.

In this way, you can switch from one configuration to another in an instant depending on your different learning modes - work independently, carry out group exercises, etc..


Training center furniture facilitates learning by eliminating the physical discomfort associated with maintaining posture over the long term. The effect of ergonomic school furniture relates to the limitation of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and vision problems of the students. Well installed, they can focus more effectively on the course. Health specialists recommend the use of ergonomic furniture for training centers.

For ergonomic school furniture to be effective, the desk must be the right size and its surface must meet the needs of students and teachers. Our school computer tables are therefore designed to allow the use of stationary or laptop computers, without preventing the possibility of easily switching to paper documents.

Our training tables have the advantage that they are easily reconfigurable. Do you no longer want individual desks? Thanks to corner modules, these computer desks can be connected to form an island-shaped table.



As a symbol of this versatility, the Format+ product range enables you to quickly and easily switch from a configuration for PC use to paper use.

The ergonomic school furniture in this series has several options for screen applications: foldaway, standing, built-in or semi built- in.

This training furniture is suitable for use by people with reduced mobility and, thanks to its possible adaptation to the size and weight of the PC, is adapted to the ergonomics of the students.