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Quetzal is growing around the world

In less than 20 years Quetzal Burosystem has made a big impact on the French market for ergonomic computer furniture. Today Quetzal Burosystem is a leader in the sector and as such, we are now looking to expand the brand beyond the borders of France. We took the opportunity to announce these developments on the occasion of the launch of our website in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese – which gives visitors from around the world quick and easy access to the Quetzal catalogue of products. Quetzal Burosystem has joined the following organisations in order to facilitate exchanges with neighbouring countries and continents: - Portugal Business Club - Brazil Business Club - European American Chamber of Commerce - Club Pays Entreprises, délégué Rhône-Alpes du Club des Exportateurs de France - Entreprise Rhône-Alpes International - Club CIC International Membership of these organisations will allow Quetzal Burosystem to approach entrepreneurs around the world in order to exchange and share knowledge and experience with them.