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Recy'go: Quetzal’s new commitment to responsible practices.

As a member of the Valdelia organisation, Quetzal is already committed to the recycling of its products. However, in order to meet the needs of the present while enabling future generations to meet theirs, Quetzal is extending its commitment to sustainable practices.


Quetzal now adheres to the Recy’go system provided by La Poste. This helps companies to support the local economy and society through the collection and recycling of office waste paper.


Only 40% of the paper consumed by French companies is currently recycled.


This low rate can be explained by the significant financial and logistical investment companies need to make in order to recycle their waste paper.


This is why La Poste has launched the Recy’go system.


The principle is simple: Each office is equipped with an Eco-belle® provided by La Poste, employees then deposit their waste paper in it. L

a Poste then uses the best possible collection system: the postal service.


They now not only deliver the mail, they also collect waste paper for recycling. La Poste then takes charge of the logistics operations required in recycling it.